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My name is Brittany. I have had the ability to connect with spiritual energy and connect to those who have crossed over since I was a young child. I have been a practicing spiritualist, and reading cards for 15 years. I believe that we all can receive messages from the universal weave so long as we’re open to them. My practice is of healing, reconnecting with our inner children, and overcoming what pushes us away from our authentic self.

• This is a Tarot Reading for any topic, situation, or questions you may have.
• I will pull between 6 - 10 cards plus an oracle card for an in-depth look at the situation at hand.
• Your reading will be sent to you via email within 72 hours from the time you submitted the form.


Please do keep in mind a couple of important things:

I will always prioritize empathy and compassion, and do my absolute best at discerning and providing you with the most accurate message from the reading.

✦ While we are hoping for a certain answer, sometimes it may not be the answer that we need to hear.

✦ I do not answer any specific timing or "when" questions. Due to the nature of free will, our situations are always changing because of our choices and actions.

✦ There is absolutely no judgement. I am here to help support you through your journey and I will never share your questions or any information you provide with anyone. This is 100% confidential.

What do I need from you?

• Your name and any of the names of anyone who is part of the situation you are inquiring about. This helps me connect with your energy and the energy surrounding you. If you do not feel comfortable giving that information, you may feel free to pass and I will do my best to work with what you can provide.

• Any questions or relevant information pertaining to the situation/questions you have. You may send pictures if you feel you need to at:


You MUST be 18 years or older to purchase. By submitting your contact information, you are agreeing that you are over 18 years old.

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Please enter the information below

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch soon via the email address you provided.

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